Frequently Asked Questions

List FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) On ABOX.PUB

Q: Can I use for Free?
Answer: Absolutely! Our Free plan has many great features, including the Professional Page Editor, which can be used to create and enrich publications. And guess what? You may use this account!
Answer: Yes, you can use your account to login and create online E-Books.
Answer: Yes, Your E-Books can be accessed and managed by account.
Answer: The max PDF file size is 200 MB.
Answer: PDF downloading option is disabled by default. you can enable the PDF downloading option by changing settings.
Answer: No limitation.
(1) Start, create a new account and log in.
(2) Create a new project and import source PDF file
(3) Select a template and a theme and design the book with various settings.
(4) Publish or Upload to Online Service.
Answer: You can upload the publications to your own server or use Upload Service, just follow the below instructions.