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Year 12 Textiles

Abigail Lois Sloan was born on the 26th
September, weighing 6lb 4oz

Isabelle Chidimma Onwuekwe was born on the
27th September, weighing 7lb 7oz

Congrats Mrs Sloan & Mrs O !

It is with a heavy heart that I take up my pen to express my last thoughts as captain
of MET Leeton. There is so much that could be said at this time that one could not
hope to give expression to it all, limited as I am by publishing space. The past term
has seen unprecedented levels of activity throughout the school in general, and
nothing whatsoever within the sphere of captaincy. Indeed, one can only hang one’s
head in shame at the complete lack of movement in this regard from my side. We
can only hope that those affected by this stagnancy understand the circumstances
and judge us sparingly.

On a more positive note, the end of term 3 saw the nomination, voting, interrogation
and election of 2017’s captains- the honourable Douglas Donald and Brianna Martin.
After delighting the crowds of students, teachers and parent with their inspirational
droning’s, all five contestants were in close pursuit of the elusive goal. The general
student body was then called upon to exercise their grey matter as to who would
lead the school through to victory successfully. The results of this operation were
then put through strenuous and complex algorithms before being analysed by the
school's intelligence agency and collated with the results of the interrogation that
each student endured. The result was an immutable decision (barring any as-yet-
undiscovered bribery) that will be sure to see great results in the following year.
(One sincerely apologises for the large amount of seemingly useless information
provided above, but as I think I mentioned earlier, the only other activity remotely
related to that of a leader this term was the complex operation of affixing one’s
badge to one’s blazer every morning. A truly motivating ritual, mind you, but not
exactly of general public interest.)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Term 3 did see the planning and execution of a business breakfast
for a large number of community business people. This was an intense operation that
was intricately organised and meticulously planned by the elder members of the
school, hindered only by helpful suggestions from the senior culinary geniuses,
whose genius didn’t seem to be at all appreciated. The result was a very satisfied
group of breakfasters who had nothing but praise for the chefs responsible (though
the general consensus was that there should have been ‘more food’). All in all a great
effort, strange though that the writer should have forgotten about it, after all the
effort he/she put in…)

And so, with nothing else to say we take our leave now and nervously await the day
on which we don the gowns and say goodbye. Then we can truly say:
Is Don, Is Good.


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In PD/H primary were learning about safety. In
groups they had to do a role play of how
accidents happen in everyday life and how
to deal with them.

To celebrate the end of the term
primary had a special treat of a
cake and party food, then
watching 'Paddington Bear'.

Turbine Making
After visiting the Snowy
Hydro Power Station
primary were tasked to
make their own working
models of the turbines.

Year 9 Food Tech
Food for Special Occasions

Major Textile Project:

7/8 Geography Excursion

Year 7/8 went to Fivebough Swamp for a geography excursion. When they arrived they
met up with several local schools and had the opportunity to try an interesting Bush
Tucker menu including witchetty grub fritters, curry kangaroo stew and wattle seed
cheesecake slice. They then had a traditional smoking ceremony and planted about one
hundred trees.

Ate bush tucker

Soking ceremony

Planted about 100 plants

Textile & Art Workshop

Mrs Annette Dickson from S&S Wholesalers came and taught Year
7/8 Art and Year 9/10/11 Textiles fabric decoration techniques.

Dry point etching

Inktense pencils

Shiva oil sticks
Silk painting

The Class

Yr. 11 Senior Science students attended a state wide excursion to Sydney in Week
6. We were driven to Goulburn by Mr Laurie and Mrs Jeanette Pagden, then
continued our expedition to Sydney with Jane Buggins. We arrived at the Botanical
Gardens along with Orange, Maitland, Wagga, Albury, Mt Vic and Goulbourn
campuses where we were given a tour of the gardens and did a few experiments
on pre-germination techniques. We then travelled to ANSTO and were split into
different groups to get to know the other students. ANSTO was interesting although
it took us quite a while to get around everywhere. We had the great experience of
watching some of the machines in action and we were also given a tour of
different nuclear reactors. The day ended when we stopped at Macca’s for tea
and travelled back to Goulbourn for the night. Thank you to Mrs Stephens our
Science teacher for organising the excursion and special thanks to Mr and Mrs
Pagden for taking us.

Planting Experiment


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