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English 12/4 NAMA :


SET 1 (Tingkatan 3 : Unit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


ARAHAN: Untuk Kegunaan Pemeriksa

1. Tulis nama dan angka giliran pada Nama Pemeriksa:
kertas jawapan anda.
Bahagian Markah Markah
2. Kertas soalan ini mengandungi lima Penuh Diperoleh
bahagian. Terdapat lima soalan bagi
setiap bahagian. Baca dan dengar 15
arahan bagi setiap bahagian dengan
teliti. 25

3. Jawab semua soalan. 35

4. Semasa anda sedang mendengar, tulis 45
jawapan anda pada kertas soalan ini.
Anda mempunyai masa selama enam 55
minit pada akhir ujian untuk menyalin
jawapan pada kertas jawapan anda. Jumlah 25

5. Sila gunakan pensel untuk menulis
jawapan pada kertas jawapan anda.

6. Serahkan kertas jawapan anda kepada
pengawas peperiksaan selepas tamat

Part 1 Form 3 Unit 1 : Family Ties Audio

Questions 1 – 5

There are five questions in this part. For each question, there are three pictures and a short recording. For each

question, choose the correct answer A, B or C. Circle the correct answer A, B or C. Track 1

1 When is Juliana’s housewarming party?


13 14 30


2 Which of these is Lucy’s dream house?


3 What will Anika's family do first on the next day after her cousin’s birthday party?


4 How did Macy and her husband spend the day in an apartment hotel?

Watching Playing Cooking
computer Playing
movies BPcoalamdympiniungtteorn games Badminton computer BWaadtmchinintgon
Cooking games games movies


5 Which of the following is true about Zul’s ‘wau’ for his wedding party?


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Part 2 Form 3 Unit 2 : Food, Food, Food! Audio

Questions 6 – 10

You will listen to a conversation between Saiful and his mother on making sandwiches. For questions 6 to 10, complete

the notes with options A – G. You only need to write the letter. Track 2
Write the correct answer (A – G) in the space provided.

Steps to Make Sandwiches

Prepare the ingredients Steps:

6. A Clean the leafy vegetable
7. B Add in the greens
Place chicken meat on one slice of bread C Butter the slices of bread
8. D Buy some butter
9. E Put a piece of cheese on it
Place the buttered side of another slice of bread on it. F Cut the sandwiches into triangles
10. G Get some mayonnaise
Serve them.

Part 3 Form 3 Unit 3 : The Wonders of Nature Audio

Questions 11 – 15

You will hear a talk about an environmental event, 'Love Our Environment'. For questions 11 to 15, choose the correct

answer A, B or C. Circle the correct answer A, B or C. Track 3

11 Who are in the target market of ‘Love Our 14 What are included when we buy a set of
environment project kit?
Environment’ project? A textbook and CD-ROM
A those who are between 13 and 19 years of age B workbook and CD-ROM
B mature and grown-up people C workbook and pendrive
C married couples with children

12 How could students get more information about 15 What is the theme for this year’s event?
the event?
A by contacting Miss Tan A Endangered Plants
B by writing to Miss Lee B Endangered Coral Reefs
C by looking at the school Facebook C Endangered Wild Animals

13 When will the event take place? MP 1 – 3 [Lihat halaman sebelah
A on the first of March TERHAD
B on the 15th of March
C on the 18th of March

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Part 4 Form 3 Unit 4 : Special Relationship Audio

Questions 16 – 20

You will hear an announcement about a health talk on parenting. For questions 16 to 20, complete the notes below.

Use no more than three words and/or a number for each answer. Write the correct answer in the space provided. Track 4

A Talk

Title Parenting Health Talk

Speaker Dr Jeremy

Date 16.

Time 17.

Number of participants 18.

Size of venue 19.

Deadline for registration 20.

Part 5 Form 3 Unit 5 : A Place to Call Home Audio

Questions 21 – 25

You will hear a conversation between Alicia and Joanne about their visit to a shelter home. For questions 21 to 25,

complete the notes below. Track 5

Use no more than three words and/or a number for each answer. Write the correct answer in the space provided.

Activity Holiday Plans

Visit PJ Shelter Home

Date 21.

Location of the Home 22.

Transport 23.

Gift for children 24.

Second activity 25.

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